About us

In El Pardal we strive to develop a place of tranquility, security, love and harmony.
This is the perfect place to find oneself.

For us it is most important that everyone has the opportunity to develop in the direction of how we really wish to be and that we learn, when making decisions, to also listen to our inner wisdom (instead of only to our reason).

We, that means I, Amiro Wolfgang (since 1981), my son Gerhard the carpente  and the many visitors who help this wonderful place bloom and grow.

Through the years we mostly had between 3 and 12 helpers from all over the world,staying with us for periods ranging from a week to a year.
We are open for more long-term members, which would enable me to put more emphasis on the aspects of healing and teaching inner work and deep massage, be it in seminars or in individual work.

We are very happy to welcome volunteers with children, for they are our future.

About El Pardal

   The over 100 years old farmhouse we reformed (natural stone walls, grass roof) is situated at 1500 m. altitude, surrounded by nature, inside Spain's biggest natural park, the "Parque Natural de las Sierras de Cazorla", Segura y Las Villas". The surrounding area has alpine vegetation with pines, stone oaks, varieties of bushes, wild herbs, grassland and beautiful rock formations.

We try to live as self-sufficiently as possible, with 4 sources on the land, sun & wind power, ecological cultivation of veggies, fruit and herbs, some animals - app. 12 milk goats, app. 20 chickens, bees, 5 horses and a 2 dogs - and natural medicine. We recycle/reuse what we can, respecting and adapting the norms of permaculture. Part of the land is used as pasture, we plant many trees and keep some of the 27 hectars simply protected to enjoy what nature can do.

No neighbour lives nearer than one hour walking or driving, the nearest villages are at a distance of 2-4 hrs walking or 2-3 hrs by car.

History of the project

After studying in Heidelberg to become a teacher I, Amiro Wolfgang, started working in a school and soon found out that children could not develop well in the current school system. I did not want to contribute to this.

I want to make an effort to make this world a better place for all living beings, to help people change their life and to subsequently improve their health. I wanted to learn all that will allow me to help people in every phase of life, and learned a lot about inner work, natural medicine, acupuncture, yoga, Shiatzu, meditation etc. and specialised in deep massage.  Deep massage dissolves the chronical muscular tensions you have been accumulating since birth, takes off body armouring, f.i. the cage that doesn't let you breathe. Freedom!

In our culture, plagued by stress and worries about the environment, working with people proved very difficult and so I started looking for a better place surrounded by unspoiled nature. In 1981 I was guided to this marvellous place called El Pardal.

El Pardal is a place for learning and growing, and it's the perfect place for unstressing and finding yourself.

Over the last 40 years I have been learning, practising and teaching many ways of holistic healing, above all through deep massage combined with energy and inner work.

The setting of the over 100 years old farmhouse at 1500 m. altitude, away from all syphilisation and the next door neighbour an hour's walking away, makes this work much easier for me and everyone who accepts my help.

Also I have years of experience working with youths who came from difficult situations and needed a change in their lives. They prospered in our environment and some of them still keep in touch.

So we are a community with changing members who share the joy of life and work in a splendid setting.

Luz y amor en tu camino

Amiro Wolfgang